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Disney throwback

This is even cooler because both Roger and Grimsby are voiced by the same voice actor.

Tadashi Hamada's last hug, through Bamax, to Aunt Cass. Big Hero 6 <<< Well who need a heart anyway!

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If Disney characters were in High School…So funny:D- I like the guys! Dang where were you buys in high school;


Funny pictures about Real Life Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Real Life Disney Princesses. Also, Real Life Disney Princesses photos.

Hidden gems in Disney movies

Hidden gems in Disney movies

What if you know some secrets hidden behind the scene of Disney movies. They're going to blow your mind!

Mind Blowing Disney Movie Facts In 21 Pictures.

One girl's audition tape to be a Disney princess! hahaha wow, I kinda want to do this

One girl's audition tape to be a Disney princess.watch the whole thing! Only thing, shed have to go to a real live audition and it all depends if she fits into the height size of the princesses!

peasant clothes and princess dresses

2 princesses you think are best friends: Snow white and Aurora, I don't know but they both has lots of forest friends and dreaming about their prince and waken up by his kiss

‘Up’ in real life…

‘Up’ in real life…

‘Up’ in real life…seriously, how cute is that? I have actually seen this house in real life. Its somewhere in utah.

Um. Wow. Now I understand why Flynns my favorite.

“I think it’s awesome that Eugene/Flynn’s character was based off of Harrison Ford characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

"this is kind of an of day for me this doesn't normal happen" *staredown* "fine! I'll take you to see the lanterns!" "Really?!" *flynn falls* "you broke my smolder"

rebelsong: “ youweremynewdream: “ lololol ” I keep trying to imagine what Eugene! smells like. Probably “really bad man smell” with a bit more “green” and less “brown.” So I imagine Smolder adds.

Disney has always been a source of magical wonder for us, especially during our childhoods when they enchanted us all with their magical songs, traditional fairy tales and now with their more modern stories.