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Horned King

Behold The Horned King! from the Dinsey movie "The Black Cauldron" Took me forever to finish this guy. my hand hurts T_T ----------------------.

why scar was my favourite character in the lion king. except when he kills mufasa.

why scar was my favourite character in the lion king

Scar's funny lines.

Horned King as Wiseman Marwolaeth Enohart

Horned King

The Horned King is the main villain from the first Kingdom Hearts Unlimited installment in the.

Governor Ratcliffe (Cards by Maleficent84 @deviantART) #Pocahontas

DV Card Governor Ratcliffe by on deviantART

Edgar Balthazar

A Complete Ranking Of 25 Classic Disney Villains

Beautiful Manga Art by Eric Proctor

When I watched The Lion King as a kid, I instantly fell in love with Scar despite how evil he was. Be Prepared

The Horned King and his un-dead army from Disney's animated movie "The Black Cauldron" (from 1985). Description from deviantart.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

The Horned King by SteamboatLyssie on DeviantArt

Favorite villain - Judge Claude Frollo / The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Captain Hook..............angry? why would you say that?

the villian I love to hate.

When someone tries to go shot-for-shot with you on a Friday night. | 24 Sassy Villain Comebacks Every Disney Fan Still Uses

The Library Canary: Discussion Post: Tired of Cliffhangers. What if the Lion King ended on this part? That's what so many books feel like and I'm tired of it!

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Shan-Yu by Wreckonning on deviantART

Shan-Yu from Disney's Mulan. by Wreckonning on DA.

Crullea is the true villan

And that is why Disney animators labeled Cruella as the most evil Disney Villain. (If anyone's interested, this is from a scene in a Team Starkid musical called Twisted, which is all about Jafar)

hades -  Disney hercules 3d- final image by celso_teixeira, via Flickr

hades - Disney hercules 3d- final image by celso_teixeira, via Flickr

Dr. Facilier (Cards by Maleficent84 @deviantART) #ThePrincessAndTheFrog

DV+Card Doctor+Facilier - Princess & the Frog

Queen Grimhilde How does she stack up to other Disney Villains? Check out the countdown! http://minkflamingos.com/disney-villains-countdown/

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.