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The Battle of STALINGRAD.Soviet soldiers carrying rifles, collected at the forefront, have killed Russian soldiers.

Russian gunners, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Russian gunners, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Red Army.( armed with PPSh submachine guns and Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifles))

Red army- was the army and the air force of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and after 1922 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Soviet gunners positioned his cannon among the ruins of Berlin in April 1945.

Die Gesichter der Ostfront—Street fighting in Berlin,

A German SS sniper . sniping eventually remained - on both the German and Reds side - the only assault tactic of the Battle of Stalingrad until the Germans surrendered.

frescuraantigua: Column of medium tanks in a forest near Berlin, Ukrainian Front, April

Somewhere on the Eastern front, 1941 - 44 German soldier wounded and dragged away. The German war machine became more and more ineffective and casualties mounted through 1943 - 45

М.А.Пассар, снайпер

Sniper, Guards Rifle Division, destroyed more than 230 Nazis. Died January 1943 in a battle near the village Pishanka Gorodishchenskoye February 2010 Presidential Decree № 199 Hero of the Russian Federation.

BE020573 | 14 Jun 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam --- A helico… | Flickr

It looks awful, but all I want to do is go back. It's the only place I feel comfortable.

Disabled American tank «Sherman" of 778 Tank Battalion attached to U. Infantry Division in the battle for Zaabruken. Note the holes in the tank’s frontal plate, result of antitank fire. In the foreground dead German soldiers.

Here a German soldier moves stealthily through a captured trench and climbs over the bodies of dead Russian soldiers.