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He certainly is a naughty boy! || #cat #cute #kitty #christmas #christmastree #holiday #winter #fluffy

He certainly is a naughty boy!

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Six Pack Cat

I like cats that wear Abercrombie & Fitch (bags). 1 via manmalade 2 via dizzymizzy 3 via Euvoria 4 via 5 . View "Abercrombie Bags + Cats = Abercrombie Cats" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Lol dis kitten....

Calico Kitten: Licking - If your cat is grooming you, it means they see you as part of their family, and is showing love for you. Kittens mostly, while adult cat rarely bestow their owners with licks.

This looks just like my cat Copper - orange kitties are such clowns.

Some days you just have to bite a table. - my cats love to chew tables, paper. pretty much anything nom nom nom nom

I want a calico kitten!!!

when I get a cat again one day it will be a white calico kitten. I have mothered one and she was simply the best and most gorgeous cat I have owned! By: Héctor Alberto

Reading can wear you out!

A few of my favorite things! Books, cats, books, an old-fashioned look, and books!