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Finn, Quinn and Puck Sing in Glee Season Episode “Thanksgiving”

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I am a superhero fan and a glee fan! I can't believe these two glee actors turned out to be on superhero shows as the main characters (superheroes).

I miss you Cory, I will miss forever. Glee <3

Season 5 and 6 Glee is so special to me that nobody will ever understand, its brought more happiness then anything else ever has in my life!

Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Sam, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Puck, Lauren, Tina, Mike, Kurt, Blaine, Sue, and Will.

In Order: Rachel Finn Quinn Sam Santana Brittany Artie Puck Lauren Tina Mike Mercades Kurt Blaine Sue Mr.Shue Hope you like Twilight/Cullen Chibi Chain:.


"Homecoming" Absolutely loved this scene! I was cracking up! Oh how i missed Brittany

Kurt and Blaine one of the best glee moments ever. And the way Blaine looks at Kurt.

Kurt and Blaine one of the best glee moments ever. 😍And the way Blaine looks at Kurt the moment is just so sweet and then lea/Rachel's face is like get some😂


"We're the only ones who get to humiliate her." Kurt sounds like an older sibling

Santana Lopez  trollin

Okay Santana has to be the sassiest girl ALIVE like seriously