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(224) You know you’re a dancer when you walk with your feet turned out.

You know you’re a dancer when you walk with your feet turned out, and on releve with your arms in constant portabra

Ballet probs

Kinda pinned it for Harry Potter, kinda pinned it for ballet reference

I'm sure everyone at Walmart thinks I'm certifiably insane. (:

Thanks to dance. Then my sister tells me I'm embarrassing well is in the blood girlfriend

Dance  Ballerina  Funny

Ballet Aesthetic and The Case For The Booty

Things that sound weird to normal people, but are perfectly normal to dancers.

This is true but on the right

Yep:) I know this all too well. I hate dancing on my left side, im way mkre dominant on my right side!

It's like when you were little and you tried to smoothly get off a razor scooter but it ended up twisting and smacking you in the ankle. It's like that, but with soreness and a bruise, and you have to keep going.

Sometimes I pretend that I am graceful all the time and sometimes I accept the sad truth that my ankles will always loath my tap shoes.

Lol every time my parents made us go to church in-between my two performances that were on the same day!

We always go out to eat after a recital and we all have the Shirley Temple curls and cake face makeup. Luckily there is more than just me! I am never alone haha