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The Last Men create monstrous Lictors to guard them and fight duels in their stead

Insprational pictures of robot, spaceship and some not so human anatomy.

Walking Machines from the Malaysian sci-fi animation film War of the Worlds: Goliath

Fighting machines created by humans to fight the Martian combat tripods in War of the Worlds Goliath.

Immagine correlata

Get inspired by the art of Joe Peterson, concept artist at Blizzard who've worked on Diablo Starcraft II

Artist: Tsvetomir Georgiev aka pstchoart  -  Robot Smart • (Concept Art) Tsvetomir Georgiev of The Aaron Sims Company  -  http://www.iamag.co/features/the-art-of-tsvetomir-georgiev/#jp-carousel-49531  -  http://ceco.cgsociety.org/  -  http://www.iamag.co/features/the-art-of-tsvetomir-georgiev/  -  #TsvetomirGeorgiev  -  #pstchoart

Spectacular robot sci-fi character design created in Zbrush by Aaron Sims Company artist pstchoart (Tsvetomir Georgiev) of Sofiya, Bulgaria!