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I love Malta! This is Valetta. I did not take this picture but wish I did! My favorite thing about Malta were the balconies. Balconies, Malta photo by

The victorian style architecture was quite confined as they were built on small blocks of land in or close to the city. the ironwork on the balconies was a dominant feature to the designs

House in Melbourne, Australia. these old gingerbread terrace houses are common in parts of australia but almost always have white wrought-iron lace on a dark brick facade. this one is nice as they have reversed the colours.

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Maybe a nightmare to live in, but I like this coz I'm bored with square boxes. Even most people who decide to build a tree house build a square box up there - Why?? Nothing else in a tree is square! - The Crooked House, Windsor, England

The Crooked House of Windsor - The Oldest Teahouse in England - This is wonderful, isn't it? It is a free-standing building too. (Content in a Cottage) I grew up in a crooked house in Windsor, CA!

Tiniest Hotel Clementin in Old Town Prague May Be The Smallest In...

The Hotel Clementin in Old Town Prague may be the smallest in the world. It only has 9 rooms and the width is a little over 10 feet at the entry.

Venice “Calle dei Botteri” by Fabrizio Fenoglio


Venice, Italy looks to be the loveliest place. Doors and windows everywhere. It is just so whimsical. I hope that I get the chance to visit. Next January, when I plan to take ECON in Italy, I want Venice to be a city I see.

The 25 Places you Must Visit in South America / La Paz, Bolivia

The 25 Places you Must Visit in South America / La Paz, Bolivia. All of these places, but oh, Bolivia.

Benedictine Monastery, Monserrat, Barcelona, Spain

SPAIN - The Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Monserrat is built into the mountain and offers visitors a staggering view. Monserrat is translated 'sawed mountain'. It is about 45 km northwest of Barcelona.

Fairytale Castle in Brittany. Chateau de Fougeres, (medieval).

Château de Fougères – Brittany

Chateau de Fougeres, Brittany, France by Olivia Taylor. Birthplace of Jeanne de Fougeres, paternal grandmother

You can even still get a decent cup of tea in downtown Valetta,  which is Malta's diminutive capital

A quirky guide to Malta, the most popular island in the Med

You can even still get a decent cup of tea in downtown Valetta, which is Malta's diminutive capital - it is one of my favourite places.