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Reasons to do Yoga

Top 20 Reasons do do yoga top 20 reasons to practice yoga a must read for all of the yoga practitioner from any kind of background and practicing yoga is very beneficial for everyone one of us !

Namastê.  O Deus que habita em mim, saúda o Deus que habita em você. Honro a luz, o amor, a verdade, a beleza e a paz dentro de você.  Minha alma honra a sua alma. Ao dividir todas essas coisas unidxs somos xs mesmxs, somos umx.

World Cultures religion India in Nepal by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Christianity A single God

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I feel my emotions and my pain. I reawaken my passion! I surrender to this moment! I am a SunGoddess! Brought to you by SunGoddess Magazine. Good mantra for sacral chakra

YOGA HeNnA Kit Decorate your yoga body...

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Just Breathe – Ancient Practice of Pranayama can Help you Detoxify, Shed Excess Weight and Boost Overall Vitality

Breathe in experience. Breathe out poetry. Prana = Breath = Spirit Energy Every breath taken, whether we realize it or not, creates our Universe. ॐ Om Shanti Om ॐ Waheguru ॐ

Bring light to all that you encounter, to every situation and watch the magic happen.

Festival of Lights Art Print

Diwali Hindu festival of lights. I'm very happy my college puts on a celebration for this. It is a very beautiful festival