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[Egyptian Goose and Goslings]-"Now just beast careful goslin's; we be famous cuz of our ancestors.

.Baby butts are adorable no matter the species!

Checkout these so Cute Baby Duck Pictures to Make you say Awww.

Wood Ducks leaving the nest - bravest babies ever

Wood Duck jump from Natural Cavity Photography - Stan Tekiela sometimes you need to take a leap of faith

eend met jongen

❤️️Mother and Baby Ducks ~ Duck Keeping watch over her sleeping Ducklings

White Chinese Geese Lay 45-55 eggs/yr. Commonly lay in fall&winter! They talk back to you if you raise them from babies, as well as alert you to intruders & strange occurrences. Train them to eat whatever weeds you want by supplying cuttings to them at 1wk old until you let them roam free. George Washington is said to hav thought them picturesque in water

White Chinese Geese / They lay eggs per year.