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Ladybird Books. 'The Elves and the Shoemaker. My goodness I am now 58yrs old and these delightful books take me right back, right back to such a wonderful happy childhood. My brother and I loved them. KMW

ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER Vintage Ladybird Book Well Loved Tales Series 606D Gloss Hardback 1988

baby changing station in mens rooms need to catch on./ I had never even thought of this before but now I support this 110%

Equality for all

I never even knew that mens rooms didn't have change tables as I think I've been in there a grand total of 1 time and I hardly remember it (my dad took me to the bathroom so we went in the mens)

A Very Potter Musical vs. The Cursed Child

A cursed child was interesting, but it just had too many things that didn't fit. like Harry Potter of all people judging his slytherin son RIGHT AFTER telling him it was okay.

Well, Harry didn't name his son after Remus to leave it open for Teddy to use for his children.

Well, Harry didn't name his son after Remus to leave it open for Teddy to use for his children.<<he left it open because Teddy is his son too

That is exactly what happened to our marriage he was so cruel that I eventually got to the point where I was not to be found in the marriage anymore as his silence and selfish ways just pushed me away to were I didn't want to be = away from his side/heart and unable to share my heart and soul with my husband/love which killed the marriage and almost me..... sad really sad......

You push me away knowing I'll reappear but I'm done and next time I won't be there

Crayola crayons-a new box of crayons was a magical thing-and a BIG box like this was such a splurge.

Crayola crayons - Yep, regular crayons, allows children to express creativity

Wait but that is also why he was not affected by the sirens in the sea of monsters. Yes, I know he had wax in his ears but it probably didn't block them out completely!

I love it! <<< no imagine Percy being really self-conscious about it because in Last Olympian he said he was a bad singer