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wedding Anna and Ernest

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ book overview@ https://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/ pic source: http://www.weddingfestivals.com/

Three Rivers Deep

Sleeping Beauty "Fairytale" Photo Shoot by Getz Creative Photography.

Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ MORE @ http://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/

Three Rivers Deep

Enchanted ~ “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. Yeats Enchanted Woods by Jessica Drossin on

From Hades to Persephone by Lee Ann Schaffer

It is said that Hades abducted Persephone. But who had kidnapped his heart? Who was kidnapped and who was the kidnapper, Persephone, Lady of Spring and Summer, Lady of the Underworld? Lady of Hades' heart.

The Story of Ferdinand written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson

In Spain lives a big and strong bull whose name is Ferdinand. Unlike the other bulls, Ferdinand does not like to fight. He would rather sit in the shade of his favorite cork tree and smell the flowers.

The Velveteen Rabbit. Was a gift when I was 5 and still have it 28 years later.

There is space on everyone’s bookshelves for books you have outgrown but can’t give away. They hold your youth between their pages, like flowers pressed on a half-forgotten summer’s day.

Reading with the senses - Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. They are all here

Green Country Cottage ( by loretoidas )

Develop a seed starting schedule so you know the optimum time to start your seeds. A seed-starting schedule provides a guideline of when to sow seeds and when to transplant seedlings the vegetable garden.

How to Grow a Carpet of Moss

How to grow moss on outdoor statues, rock walls, pathways. Would be amazing to turn a green wall into a sculpture using this sort of idea.

READ about: THREE RIVERS DEEP book series @ https://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/ ***A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery... ( pic source: http://thebohogarden.tumblr.com/post/61240148061

Three Rivers Deep

Anastasia Volkova, portrait, wedding and travel photographer.