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The Tremaines 9-9-09 - YouTube

Once again, Anastasia and Drizella sing a song.

...into the gorgeous IRL version who Chloë Grace Moretz could play in a live-action movie!

These Illustrations Of What "Anastasia" Looks Like IRL Are Breathtaking

I love anastasia.  I know she isn't a Disney princess but I don't have any other board to put her in lol

Imagen anime anastasia (disney) disney anastasia (character) moochirin (artist) single tall image blush short hair looking at viewer blue eyes open mouth red hair lips teeth eyebrows eyelashes wide sleeves snow upper body outdoors

Modern Anastasia

Anastasia fanart ^^ When I started drawing this it was just a random girl at first tbh but then at some point she started to remind me of her so I just went with the flow xD The cartoon was really .