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I'm a big fan of jackfruit. I've made BBQ pulled pork and a jackfruit pot pie. The stringy texture of the young, green jackfruit lends itself well to a meat like texture. I wanted to try and use it as a chicken substitute without shredding it like I did in my pot pie recipe.  The blog turned two the other day! I remember last year I said I was going to remember..well I didn't! I only realised because Facebook gave me one of those two years ago today reminders. I'm a bad blog m...

This year at home we had a completely vegan Christmas dinner! We made a plethora of delicious dishes – pan roasted brussel sprouts with toasted pinenuts, roasted potatoes and parsnips, mashed…

Yes, You Can Make Vegan Stroganoff. I would use more mushrooms instead of a meat substitute.

Yes, You Can Make Vegan Stroganoff

Vegan stroganoff that is satisfying. Creamy, savory and flavorful, even carnivores will be going back for seconds! See more at PBS Food.

Jackfruit Stuffed Portabella Mini Wellingtons | SPUD.ca #Vegan

Vegetarian jackfruit stuffed portabella mini wellingtons look good, taste better and work well as an entree, served with a side salad or as a side dish.

Mushroom, Chestnut & Ale Pie (Vegetarian)

Mushroom, Chestnut & Ale Pie (Vegan)

Vegetarian pie recipe with a mushroom, chestnut and ale filling. A twist on a traditional and comforting British classic!

These 30 easy vegan one pot meals are perfect for busy days! All recipes are super easy, healthy, and so delicious! Vegetarian recipes definitely don't have to be complicated! Find more vegan recipes at veganheaven.org #Goingvegetarian

Why go vegetarian

These 30 easy vegan one pot meals are perfect for busy days! All of these recipes are complete meals that are made in only one cooking vessel.

Nut roast with wild mushroom gravy | Vegetarian Sunday lunch recipes - Red Online

Nut and spinach roast with wild mushroom gravy

A delicious Nut and Spinach Roast with Wild Mushroom Gravy. This is a great Veggie Christmas recipe for all the family, veggie or not!

Roast vegetable and houmous pie recipe by Angela Boggiano. The sweet potato layer in this vegetarian pie base absorbs the steam released from the baking vegetables, thereby keeping the pastry crisp.

Roast vegetable and houmous pie

Roast vegetable and houmous pie Recipe. Even my carnivorous rookie loved this - we thought it would do well on the Veggie-Menu at a restaurant

vegan bao buns

Vegan bao buns with pulled jackfruit

Vegan bao buns are to die for and easy to make. They are filled with succulent jackfruit in a salty-sweet marinade, crunchy veggies, peanuts and herbs.

A Very Vegan Christmas - Maple Parsnip & Chestnut Wellington

A Very Veggie Xmas: Maple Parsnip & Chestnut Wellington | Vegan

Tofish and Chips via @elephantasticv:

Tofish and Chips

Make your own battered fish filets sans fish—thanks to tofu, we can make a cruelty-free, plant-based alternative that makes perfectly crispy vegan Tofish and Chip

The easiest Vegan Mushroom Pie ever! Juicy, meaty portobello mushroom, stuffed with sweet caramelized onions & thyme, all topped with buttery, crisp pastry.

Easy Vegan Mushroom Pie

Portobello Pot Roast

Portobello Pot Roast

Rich and hearty Portobello Pot Roast. Meaty portobello mushrooms, red wine, herbs & vegetables combine to make a delicious plant-based feast. Directions include options for stove-top, oven, or slow cooker.