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Best Family Watch dog, The Watchdog  Hands down the Dobbies and the Rotts, have had both and Pits too, Husky is another great breed to scare bad people away too, I love my big dogs.............<3!

Best Family Watchdog

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https://www.facebook.com/emlabradors/photos/a.225257570862407.66296.224701700917994/948241218564035/?type=3                                                                                                                                                                                 More

April i love all my dogs.lab,rott/wolf, border/foxterrier and pitty, also my horses and goats.

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The Top 5 Trainable Dog Breeds

Stop to Breed Discrimination! Help fight against Breed Specific Legislation!

American pitbull terrier / muscle dog /

Rusty is Samantha's one-eyed protector. He was once a "bait dog" in a local dog fighting ring who escaped and showed up on Sam's doorstep. She originally intended to give him up to the local pound, but fell in love with him and decided against it.

How to be a responsible pit bull owner

Every dog starts life as a blank canvas. Bad dogs are not born, they are created. If the portrait is flawed, look to the artist, don't blame the dog.

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7” Orthopedic Dog Bed

Rottweiler dog beds by Big Barker. America's most luxurious dog bed for big…

Rottweilers..dangerous? Not as dangerous as I will be if you continue to talk out of your ignorantly informed ass...

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Rottweilers. Not as dangerous as I will be if you continue to talk out of your ignorantly informed ass.

Wow: its a Pitt and one of a kind.

One of the coolest pit bull I've ever seen. Looks like a tiger.

As bad as my parent's Rott being afraid of a newspaper.

Are you not offer the kind of food that you would like to feed your dog? A number of people feel like the dog food sold at big box stores isn’t good enough for their dog. Owning a dog is quite a bit of money.

Beautiful Remember, short hair dogs need a jacket/coat in the fall and winter. They DON'T have an under coat and dogs cannot supernaturally endure all types of weather!

Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

Like and repin for morocho the bravest dog

An old, but still awesome story. Some places incorrectly say he is a Pit Bull. Pits are awesome, but in this case the credit has to go to the Dogo Argentino breed. things-that-make-me-smile