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RWBY - fractured roses by anonamos701

absurdres anonamos belt boots from behind highres redhead ruby rose rwby scarf scythe short hair

RWBY Red Like Roses

RWBY Red Trailer: Red like roses fills my dreams and bring me to the place you rest. White is cold and always yearning and burdened by loyal test. Black is the beast that descends from shadows.

無題主WR,通通WR,我愛WR,給我WR 期待W姊增溫WR辣!

Hedgehog with Roses - civilian clothes artist: Kumafromtaiwan

You sure can add more action to fairy tales!

I was pretty slow to catch the Pinocchio similarities, but everytime she brought out the knives I kept thinking "there are no strings on me"

This breaks my heart. even more so that Blake went back to Beacon to their dorms

Weiss looks so trapped and under pressure, and Blake went back to their beacon dorm.