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If you spent the last 2 years crying about Hilary’s emails, but aren’t saying a word about the 169 federal lawsuits filed against Trump, congratulations, you’re a hypocrite.  #Trumpocalypse #notmypresident #EmbarrassmentOfRiches

25 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump If you spent the last two years crying about Hillarys email, but arent saying a word about the 169 federal lawsuite filed against Trump, congratulations, youre a hypocrite.

Do not normalize this. And use your words. A person who lies is a liar. Trump is a serial Liar. Question each and every thing he says.

Do not normalize this. A person who lies is a liar. Trump is a serial Liar. Question each and every thing he says (❤ John Oliver)

We cannot have a reality tv star as president! Trump is a joke!

Trump is no more qualified to be POTUS than Honey BooBoo's mother or Kim Kardashian. He is nothing but a reality TV freak with a large bank account, zero class and even less self control than a toddler.

Excellent point

Trump sells a populist message very well. We need to be smart enough to distinguish populism from principled stances.

Stop paying these aholes for life! Limited to 2 terms! No one deserves pay for life! Especially when YOU DIDN'T DO YOUR JOB! NO MORE automatic pay raises either you greedy bastards! They are all millionaires already, they don't need your measley tax dollars.

gee thought this was important enough to pin only in the good old USA what do you think ?

In the face of so many even worse possible outcomes with Trump and the Rethuglikans, at the least we can expect to have a vastly strengthened Oligarchy!

"We are now in a free fall toward old-fashioned oligarchy - that noxious, thieving, tyrannical, oppressive species of government that America's original settlers fled Europe to escape." - Robert F.