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Hippie Peace Freaks ☮️

I Declare World Peace

Good peaceful night my sweet Ashlie! It doesn't happen very often but I wish it did more!

Hippie Peace Freaks ☮️

The challenges and visions reflected in my Hippie Trails novels are still in motion . Here's to the Revolution of Peace & Love!

Psychedelic Hippie Mandala Together We Make by justgivemepeace

Together We Make Peace, Singleton Hippie Art Original Mandala

✌Peace Sign __[Peace sign Art by KN] - 12/28/16 #cGreens #cYellow

✌Peace Sign __[Peace sign Art by KN] - 12/28/16 #cGreens #cYellow

☮ American Hippie Art ☮ Peace Sign

This is groovy man Ashlie I think you will love it!

Rainbow Kaleidoscope Hippy Art by Kirsten Star

Rainbow of peace

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We pray for peace in this world.

This is for my beautiful daughter Ashlie Terry!

peace in

Peace Perch By Dwan Collins

Peace and love

Peace be with you...

Peace be with you...

And Peace & Love Beauties. Keep Shining Bright!! Also I'd like to send out a big Thank You to everyone who creates this space. I hope it adds joy & light to your life. Thank you dear ones. Much Love. ~S <3<3

☮ American Hippie Psychedelic Trippy Design ~ Peace and Love

Peace and Love Illustration Peace ♥Heart♥ & ✌Peace Signs

Another heart angel and that is exactly what Ashlie Terry is.