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...precious girl ♥

Makoharu GIF ジュダル — tiashes: make me choose: queerishima asked:.

And playing some DDR. | 17 Absurd "Attack On Titan" GIFs For Every Occasion (I am sorry I'm pinning so many of these gifs... but then again, no, I'm not.)

17 Absurd Attack On Titan GIFs For Every Occasion "Playing Some DDR" -Me: In the anime, that's just Levi kicking the hell out of Eren.

The last part though- Sasha looks so heartbroken that she didn't get the candy thing!

<< this is a weird way to pass around candy. If I got the candy I would just eat it. There is no way I would let anyone else have it! (just look Jean's face in tehe

Attack On Titan

Poor Eren — Attack on Titan it hurts and funny

Me when I see some kids that are popular and they ask me to be their friend.

Holy shit Ouran High School Host Club and Attack on Titan crossover I can't even this would be such a happy story!<< Kiss Kiss fall in blood