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A 14" square pillow is hand-embroidered onto canvas with a sister message. It is trimmed in calico strips and piped with buttons on the four corners.
Grandmas are sweet. This hand-embroidered message on canvas conveys that truth. This pillows measures 12" x 16" and is trimmed with calico strips and piping.
A 8" x 9" pillow is trimmed in calico. The fun message is hand-embroidered on muslin with a paw button.
The cat lover will warm to this message. It is hand-embroidered on muslin and trimmed in calico. It measures 8" x 10".
This 14" square pillow is hand-embroidered in black floss with a sweet message about Grandma. It is trimmed in blue calico and outlined in piping.
This 12" x 16" sweet message is hand-embroidered on canvas and surrounded by calico strips and piping.
This hand-embroidered pillow has a sweet message about friends. It measures 8" x 11", printed on muslin, and trimmed in calico.
This 8" square calico pillow is hand-embroidered with a funny message that is sad but true.
This sweet sentiment has been embroidered onto muslin and bordered with calico to make a pillow. It measures 9" x 8".
With a touching message about friends, this hand-embroidered pillow is lined in black floral calico & red piping. A bright red button is centered on the 14" square pillow.