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3D-Printed Taxidermy - Deer Lace Features Intricate Designs by Linlin and Jacques

3D-Printed Taxidermy

‘Deer’ of the ‘Animal-lace’ art collection is a printed wall sculpture illuminated with vegetal patterns by a compact lighting creating a spectacular light atmosphere.

DENTELLE (3D printed) lampshades by Samuel Bernier

Samuel Bernier Designs a Collection of 3D Printed Lampshades

You can have your (FAUX) animals, I get some bling. That's a (strangely) beautiful compromise.

Mini animal head for office wall? Moose head with rhinestone antlers.

Keiko Kume

Printing structures and textures (KEIKO KUME) [I mistook this photo at first, read the horizontal line as a twig or bamboo rod the hung from.

FabClay; Sasha Jokic, Starsk Lara & Nasim Fashami (IAAC)

FabClay is project based on the idea of robotic additive manufacturing fabrication, innovative materials and computational tools. Through digital design process we are able to make complex shapes by simple rules that are emerging from mechanic performance

3D Printing

“Crania Anatomica Filigre” by artist Joshua Harker are intricate printed skull sculptures. Harker relies heavily on modeling and printing technologies to create his complex, anatomically-themed sculptures (see his gorgeous “Tangles”).