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Corn sprouts from the places over which Her body is dragged or, by other accounts, from Her corpse or burial site.

Cum si-a salvat copiii Prima Mama

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People in the ancient world did not always believe in the gods, a new study suggests – casting doubt on the idea that religious belief is a “default setting” for humans. “Early societies were far more capable than many since of containing atheism.

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114 years today Queen Victoria died her region 63 years 7 months was the longest of any monarch and was known as the Victorian era.

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Meet the women of the American Revolution

Find details on the Massachusetts state Heroine. Access Massachusetts other state symbols, emblems, mascots, and state Heroine.

What would Shakespeare do? Would he be kind to migrants? Would he be interested in climate change? Image: Shakespeare statue in Lincoln Park, Chicago by Scott Rettberg. CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr.

What would Shakespeare do

Unit 5: The Great Depression •Canadians were falling into economic depression  •businesses production was high then customer consumption was low •Canada depended on natural resources exports •canada and the United States were very dependent •so many people were unemployed that the federal government created relief camps in 1932 for single, young, homeless, unemployed men.

Schoolchildren line up for free issue of soup and a slice of bread in the Depression, Belmore North Public School, Sydney, 2 August 1934 / Sam Hood

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Chains and The Historical Aspects

During the Great Ohio River Flood of 1937, men and women in Louisville, Kentucky, line up seeking food and clothing from a relief station, in front of a billboard proclaiming, "World's Highest Standard of Living."

Behind the Picture: 'The American Way' and the Flood of '37

American way of life (The American Way). Photo by Margaret Bourke-White, 1937 The queue for food at the point of the Red Cross during the Great Depression in the background poster: "There is no other way of life as an American.