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✮ Jugendstil, Riga. Art Noveau style popular in German speaking areas of Europe during the late 19th and early 20th century. Germany

Jugendstil - Lettonie

Riga, Latvia, Jugendstil, (Art Nouveau de los países nórdicos y Alemania)

MTO /// Blank Canvas Festival, Lettonie, Riga. «  I don’t like brick walls so i am just going to Tag !  »

MTO /// Blank Canvas Festival, Lettonie

MTO ~ Mateo * French * Graffiti ~ Street-art * Blank Canvas Festival ~ Lettonie ~ Riga ~ I don’t like brick walls so i am just going to Tag !

Riga, Latvia


Old Town Riga, Latvia. Vecrīga is the historical center of Riga, located on the east side of the Daugava River. Vecrīga is famous for its old churches and cathedrals, such as Riga Cathedral and St.

Art Nouveau Style or Jugendstil. Albert Street, 13, Riga, Latvia. http://victortravelblog.com/2014/05/29/mikhail-eisenstein-jugendstil-quarter-riga-latvia/

A Walk Along the Jugendstil Quarter: Mikhail Eisenstein—the Gaudi of Riga

Art Nouveau staircase at the Alberta street in Riga, Latvia.

My dream house: Assembly required (31 photos)

Art Nouveau staircase at the Alberta street in Riga. (I love the intricacy of the railing design and the curved sweep of the stairway.

• ARTIST . KIWIE •  ◦ Gray Rainbow ◦ location: Riga, Latvia

Volume five urban art wall murals, graffiti art & street art from great urban artists like ROA, Pixel Pancho, Shepard Fairey aka Obey, Mr Thoms and Zildra

if you're gonna tag the town, at least make it badass.

(Open RP) I was inside an alley Spray painting the walls. I'm a street artist you see. Almost no one can beat my designs or my eye for color. I keep painting until I hear a noise, I freeze.