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Torresian Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula spilorrhoa) A bird perched on a branch.

Torresian Imperial-pigeon (Ducula spilorrhoa) A bird perched on a branch.

Green Imperial Pigeon (Ducula aenea) 绿皇鸠 | ©Sheau Torng Lim   (Lung Fu Shan Country Park, Hong Kong) Duculea aenea (Columbiformes - Columbid...

Green Imperial Pigeon (Ducula aenea) found in New Guinea and Islands of Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Jacobin Pigeon, known for spectacular feathered hood over its head - ©David Degner www.daviddegner.com- for me kthxbye

The Jacobin Pigeon, named after the Jacobin order of monks, is known for its feathered hood over its head. It has been bred with a hood so large that it can interfere with mating and they often require foster parents to raise their young.

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WOMPOO PIGEON (Ptilinopus magnificus) - one of the most magnificent fruit pigeons in the Wet Tropics of Australia. The unmistakable deep-throated call "wallop the blue" is often heard in the lowland and adjacent upland rainforest

Morning Dove ~ photographer Gloria Wilson. The first time I heard this kind of dove I thought it was a owl,they make a very similar call. Very nice to wake up to.

Morning Dove ~ photographer Gloria Wilson, the mourning dove is the bird of April.

Spinifex Pigeons from Australia.  A very stunning bird with their erect crests, yellow eyes and red eye masks!

The Spinifex Pigeon is a bird found in Australia. There are only two Australian pigeon species that possess an erect crest: the Spinifex Pigeon and the Crested Pigeon

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The most amazing species of the world! Shame to all the people that call them "flying rats"