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How adorable is this? Scottish Highlander - Homemade costumes for boys.My little Scotch man needs a kilt.

little boy in blue kilt - so adorable

Boy dressed in classically tailored Prince Charlie kilt by ScotWeb Tartan Mill, Scotland.

Wonder if my son would wear one if I got him one

Irish men wearing kilts is not new. They've found tartan kilts on very old mummies in Ireland. those kilts!

Boy in a kilt HE IS SO CUTE <3 look at him laugh

A plaid kilt or skirt is always iconic for Fall fashion. No one, though, is going to look cuter in one than this Scottish toddler! Photograph by Erica King.cute, could not be more scottish.

What is not adorable about this???

Helping out. Adorable little girl giving it her all to help a puppy out of the street. Even so, I think the puppy's face says "Help!

Robin Williams Looking Fantastic in a kilt ... legend ... Scotland

Robin Williams - Kilt and Tweed jacket--R. Wearing a Gordon tartan.

Scottish Piper. by angie rule

No kidding. I really do love the bagpipes. A lone piper on a cool misty morning

What a Cutie......

Can't get enough of wee men in kilts at the moment. K what eye candy for the under and over 30 lot

histoire du kilt

The History of the Kilt. Another fun Infographic from the Highland Store, this one explaining the history of the kilt. Never call it a skirt!