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Hillman Imp again not flash but a lovely little thing with character. First set of wheels

1975 Hillman Imp - mine was a particularly "elegant" shade of yellow/orange

Ford Cortina MK 3 Loved this car. Coke bottle shape. Unusual with the twin headlights. Mine was white

I taxied in a Mk 3 for several months - until Christmas Eve, when an icy road slid me into a wall in a side street off the Newtownards Road in East Belfast.

The Austin Allegro...passed my driving test in one in 1987.

Running out of road: Classic cars like the Allegro, Montego, Maestro, Marina and Ital are on verge of extinction

The Austin Allegro. My Uncle had one with a square steering wheel

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I think its a 1976 ? Hillman Imp

Andrew Roberts reflects on the Hillman Imp: a car that turned out to be a heroic failure.

The Austin Allegro is representative of a particular period in British motoring history and it also introduced us to the quartic steering wheel.

100 UGLIEST CARS OF ALL TIME Ω 1973 Austin Allegro - British Leyland Ω So weird it could have been French. But no, it was British Leyland's most awkward shape. Today it's an icon of English decline. It had a square steering wheel!

Hillman Avenger - the epitome of beige boredom . shares this title with the Austin Allegro .

Hillman Avenger - My Mum had one of these. It was the first car I drove after passing my test. It had a manual screen washer pump next to the steering wheel. I think an electric pump was an optional extra.