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The Business of War has become efficient in one thing... killing our brothers and sisters.

The Daleks were originally based upon the Nazis. Hence the exclamation "exterminate." Many people compare their enemies with the Nazis, however, I think that the Nazis have long been superseded across the Earth, just like old Olympic records.

Map - Gaza Strip 2003 (Israel-Palestina)

Gaza Strip is a reservation set aside for Arab Palestinians yet as small as it was the Israelis still took away a significant portion of it for their own

RESOURCE - At a get-together this past weekend, a local dad who teaches 5th graders in his congregation confessed his nervousness over teaching about Israel this coming year. He has been following the news and wondering what he will do in the fall. What questions will his students have? What will he say? How will it affect his teaching? How might the conflict and its portrayal in the media affect the feelings students have about Israel and their connection to it?

Help Parents and Teachers Talk to Students About Israel and the Gaza Conflict

Неприятните истини за Ивицата Газа

Rights Chief: Israel May Be Committing War Crimes in Gaza