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Storming of Badajoz by the 88th Regiment of Foot by Chris Collingwood.

Storming of Badajoz, 1812 (Chris Collingwood) The Connaught Rangers, Infantry, led the attack on the castle.

1st Foot- Lieutenant - 1815

Lieutenant Battqlion Company The Or Royal Regiment Of Foot 1815 Uniform Postcard

The 33rd Regiment at the Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815

The Regiment at the Battle of Waterloo 18 June 1815 Artist: David Rowlands

28th Regiment of Foot, Quatre Bras..Waterloo 1815

Regiment of Foot, Quatre Bras. by Lady Butler June 1815

'Last stand of the 44th East Essex Regiment at Gandamuk, 12th January 1842' by R.Simkin

Last stand of the East Essex Regiment at Gandamuk, Afghanistan January 1842

Kennedy and Styles of the Royals take the eagle of the 105e during the charge of the Union Brigade.

A Lighter Side Of The Peninsular Campaign from some passages from Sir Arthur Bryant’s ‘Years of Victory,' via Madame Gilflurt. (William Holmes Sullivan: “Capture of the Eagle)