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I honestly think that One Piece has changed my life, seriously.  In a good way, of course ^^

One Piece taught me...

One Piece taught me so much. Fuck justin bieber, he taught me nothing

One Piece for the WIN!

One Piece for the WIN!

there is Tokyo Ghoul, Attack in Titan, Mirai Nikki.

Perverted One Piece

Not sure if One Piece is p*rverted or if it's just me.

Perverted one piece mr bean's face at the bottom tho

I want dis as my house.......One piece. LUCKY JAPANESE!!!!!! I WANT TO GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I heard you like One Piece

One Piece themed ship.


Anime Rules True, True In your face haters!

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OMG I burst out laughing in the middle of the night scaring my family cause I laughed so hard

Luffy's Logic

Luffy's Logic este omake fue el mejor de one piece

What has your biggest role model taught you?

OMG this is soo me! Im such an f-ing nerd!

Luffy's Mother Theory, text, Ace, Luffy, Garp, Roger, Rouge, Dragon, D family; One Piece

One Piece-Zoey Black///// This is a very interesting argument.


Naruto Nickelback-If Everyone Cared

xD !

Funny Anime meme: Naruto logic applied to real life

One Piece Some something is wrong with Luffy..... Wait why am I just stating the obvious

I identify with Chopper, Robin, and Franky on a spiritual level.

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xD Bleach, Naruto, One Piece


One Piece, History of Manga

Ahahaha! What a joke! XD Zoro cant even find his own shadow! -One Piece

One Piece anime Straw Hat Pirates Funny (Poor Zoro)

We're all Screwed

We're all Screwed. Funny one piece memes