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Bike for Bread

Bike for Bread

Bike for bread, a documentary about the breadmen by bicycle in Cairo, Egypt

After clearing the 80 or so speed bumps on the road we came to a small village on our way to Murchison Falls NP. That is where we saw this guy on his bike full with Pineapples tied together with old inner tube tire strips. Perfectly balanced as we saw him go for a fruit stall. Probably to offload at the market stand.

Uganda has the best pineapple in the world! Pineapple bike: A man carries pineapples on his bicycle to offload at the market, Kampala, Uganda. (Photography by rob gipman)

Alain Delorme

If you ever been in Asia you know the Chinese are the transport masters. They take truck loads on a single bike. French photographer Alain Delorme created an awesome and slighty over the top photoserie, about the Chinese Transport Skills.

'Who was Asif?' 'In Egypt, you could get your bread delivered fresh by people who rode bikes. Asif rode on this yellow one and carried the bread on his head. In America, you just go to the store.'

Cairo riding a bicycle with a 5 foot long tray of bread on top of his head

Oh to realize how differently the rest of the world lives, and to honor those cultures and be thankful of our own

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Chai wala's In India passing tea from train car to train car!

Breakfast Tea being passed between cars on the railway between Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan, National Geographic, June By Rail Across the Indian Subcontinent. By Steve McCurry Pakistan

#iridebicycles www.silvercog.net

Reverend Paul Sinclair of Motorcycle Funerals created the unique mode of funereal transport but found he was not fit enough to operate it for sale only tandem bike hearse .

I was told by a family friend who served in the Philippines that they have a motto..."There's always room for one more." :)

I was told by a family friend who served in the Philippines that they have a motto."There's always room for one more.

Big Guy - mini bike

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Recipe for a massive #painintheneck - taken in Pathein, Myanmar (Burma).

Recipe for a massive - taken in Pathein, Myanmar (Burma).