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If I could say out loud half the lyrics that tell my life. I'd either be in trouble, have no friends or be finally happy and relieved.


Free and Funny News Ecard: Some of the biggest hypocrites are those who are blind to their own faults, but are quick to judge others for any wrong done. Oh, you must be

That's it! Period!

Seriously unless your feeding, fucking, or financing me your opinion means shit to me

Unspoken girl code. If you don't know it I suggest you find out. This is nothing but true... Take it from someone with experience.

In high school & college the same girl from my hometown did this to me! No we are no longer friends.

Jealousy is a disease

"I'm sorry you're so insecure & jealous. It must be so hard comparing yourself to me" ~ funny, humor, e-card.