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Aquarium Holding Seal Pups for Ransom: They’re Okay, As Long As You Pay


Funny pictures about Lalalalala can't hear you. Oh, and cool pics about Lalalalala can't hear you. Also, Lalalalala can't hear you photos.

Sleeping beauties

I was given a stuffed toy baby harp seal when I was a small child and it changed my life! Harp seals live on an island in north eastern .

Enrichment is so important for animals living in captivity. Simple things like playing with this box can make a big difference in their day.

You know the pollution is pretty bad when the polar bears feel the need to carry around trash cans.

Tufted Titmouse

Oh my goodness, I may just die because of the cuteness! The tufted titmouse is one of my favorite birdies!


From “This is violet Noor. She’s 9 years old and cute as ever. She is the most affectionate Persian you will ever meet. Even though she looks grumpy on this pic. Cutest cat ever!

the olinguito, the mammal species discovered in August and described as a “cross between a teddy bear and house cat"

A team from the conservation group SavingSpecies found this baby olinguito in Colombia. Baby Olinguito Found in Colombia If you thought the .

Pigletsู ordered for The Crazy Cat Lady. .for her "children" = cats

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@MeetAnimals Nov 27 When I was a young warthog..

Post with 1395802 views. Tiny warthog cooling off in tiny mud puddle

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