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He left me just by safeing me from death...but he still is with me in my heart...always

"He looked exactly like." *gasp* "the space prince from the story" (sorry. Just a story idea thing I had to jot down ~This actually happened to me. I met someone that looked like a character I used for all my stories. Pretty cool I think .

Đây là nơi lưu trữ tất cả những bức ảnh mình thấy đẹp ❤ Vì điện thoại… #phitiểuthuyết # Phi Tiểu Thuyết # amreading # books # wattpad

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ukilog: “ 宝島社『カササギの計略』(著:才羽 楽) 装画 I drew the cover illustration for the novel by Raku Saiba, published by Takarajima publishing.

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"i had a dream of having a cute stalker boy watching me as I sleep. don't judge me Hahaha mainly pinned this because of ^^^" cute art

((Open rp•Be anyone•any gender. I'm her•Name=Autumn)) She seemed to stand out almost everywhere. She had been called a freak, crazy. But the truth was she was just different. She was always off in her own world and she stood out anywhere. But tonight, when you saw here, seemed to be extraordinary. She stood in the middle of a crosswalk in a long shirt, staring at you. Butterflies starting flying down out of nowhere. But she just stared at you.

image discovered by Kazuri Minami-Tori-Shima~.) your own images and videos on We Heart It

I've seen this flower-on-face motiff a lot more recently! .#anime (Cool Art Girl)

A girl doesn't have to give out her true indentety .she has to say out loud her fellings. girl with brown hair and brown eyes


This is my favorite one of Khamil. The one night that Khanna stays over so Samil can protect her.