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tumblr_mknjky59PX1qzhwpro1_500.png (500×746)

tumblr_mknjky59PX1qzhwpro1_500.png (500×746)

Chunky Glitch

Chunky Glitch


A completely transformed Macbeth quote: Look like the innocent flower, but be the Infinite Cathedral under't.

Way, I got em feeling some way.

Fictional Sun (recap Since I was a lil boy I've always been obsessed with the sun in all shapes and colors (as you can…

tribal technology from Glitch: Designing Imperfection

Tribal technology from Glitch: Designing Imperfection

Stefan Saalfeld ~ Interference Patterns via Patternbank inspiration

Stefan Saalfeld creates these fascinating compositions of geometric patterns, textures and brightly coloured abstractions that look that they've been affec