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Gorgeous with his hair short ... I wish to goodness he'd keep it like that!! none of that "Chanel No 5, long hair, poetic spirit" nonsense ... just does nothing for him!! this is how we like you Brad :) thank you.

man in leather jacket and jeans. oh, and that man is Brad Pitt.

Martin Schoeller / Corbis Outline. the tecnhique behind martin schoelle's photography

Q&A: The Technique Behind Martin Schoeller's Photography

This is how celebrities really look like.normal people :D Paris Hilton These photos were taken by the talented photographer Martin Schoeller. See the whole collection of similar close-up portraits here

Brad Pitt                                                                                                                                                     Plus

In my opinion Brad Pitt could be considered a modern Jupiter. He has been called royalty of the entertainment would. It has been rumored that he has had multiple affairs while his wife, Angelina, has stayed faithful.

Brad Pitt,  Miss M's date on the Red Carpet tonight ;-)

Brad Pitt from Hollywood's Sexiest Men

Long hair, short hair, bad ass and romantic. Little bro has similar facial features. Now to convince him to get this done.

The Great Gatsby (1974). Directed by Jack Clayton.Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.

1974 vs 2012: What to Expect When You’re Expecting The Great Gatsby

Robert Redford Brad Pitt reminds me of a modern day Redford. Nothing like the original !