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Hecate by JEAN PRONOVOST. Forton resin, steel, copper and oxide. Integrated propane torch x x Photograph by Michel Roy

Hecate, Greek goddess

Night of Hecate

The goddess Hecate was worshiped by both the Greeks and the Romans who had their own festivals dedicated to her. The Greeks observed two days sacred to Hecate, one on the of August when is hon…

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II The High Priestess by stalkinghyena on DeviantArt

oil on canvas, by Sebastian Haines This is part of my ongoing series of Tarot designs which go by the title of The Tarot of the Golden Serpent. II The High Priestess

Hécate, es una Diosa telúrica, de origen pre-helénico. Diosa de la Luna y protectora de las brujas. Hécate fue originalmente una dio...

Hecate, the three faced goddess. Associated with the crossroads, witchcraft, the moon and sorcery.

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Hekate (From Afar) Hekate (Hecate) is a goddess most recognized with her domain over witchcraft and and the cross roads, she’s a chthonic deity who’s origins are older then any of the other Hellenic.