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Can someone write a spinoff on this.<<<< McGonagall would be so confused and I can't even Imagine what would happen XD


This is me when fandom having explosion while i'm at office

Harry Potter has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher. | Minerva McGonagall | Dolores Umbridge

McGonagall was the queen of sass especially in Order of the Phoenix<<Are you kidding me? McGonagall has ALWAYS been the queen, but not just of sass, she's just THE QUEEN.

Harry potter

Actually Avada Kevdavra is a mix between two Latin phrases which end up meaning "I will create dead bodies as I speak" so

Harry Potter

denaerys:    thatismahogany:    Ple  raggedy-spaceman:    silver-whale:    Know what JK?  That…I just…I don’t even have any words          jUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU WENT THROUGH EVERYTHING

Fine J. take the knife and stab it right on my geeky girl heart. BTW, the salt for the wound is right there too.<< how about a knife made of salt?