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Vol'jin was always my favorite leader in the Horde, always made me want to make a troll instead of a pretty blood elf or a peaceful Tauren.

Иллидан Ярость бури и охотники на демонов – 44 фотографии

Иллидан Ярость бури и охотники на демонов – 44 фотографии

Illustration de Alex Horley

Illustration de Alex Horley

Warcraft Art, World Of Warcraft, Goblin, Monsters, Characters, Illustration, Alex O'loughlin, Horde, Dragons

Bárbaro humano, selvagem, tribo dos ursos cinzentos

m Barbarian character concept druid shaman human male wield sabre horn cloth fur leather Jürgen Bearvigor, Beast Warrior.

RUMBLE by Andrew-Ross-MacLean on DeviantArt

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Concept Art Human

m Elf Ranger Combined the traditional high fantasy elf with a more native American one