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Stage 5 clinger

Robinson for 2015 & Beyond: Stage 5 Clinger Alert!

Joke of the day is In

Joke of the day is In 😂😹😂

get a life & stop stalking mathafooker - Success Kid, meme

You are so pathetic.I truely feel bad for you. No matter what you say.you are still an alcoholic, pill popping, sad, fat ass loser. Your personality sucks, and people just don't like you. End of story.

she's a homewrecker ecards - Google Search

Lol right! The comments started again after knowing where you went. I guess I have a serious girl crush on you and I am jealous.


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Chocolate salad. Your welcome

Chocolate comes from Cocoa, which comes from a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad.

All aboard the Hot Mess Express!

All aboard the Hot Mess Express! The destination of this train is Dysfunction Junction, now with stops is Denial and Crazy Town!