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Ha! | Rodney Smith. I love this man's work.

Graduated of Virginia’s University in 1970 and owner of a master in Theology from Yale Rodney Smith studied at the same time photography next to Walker Evans.

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Interview: The Illustrious Career of Photographer Rodney Smith

© Rodney Smith, Reed Perched on the top of Ladder with Binoculars, Snedens Landing, New York, 2012

МАСТЕРА ФОТОГРАФИИ: Родни Смит (Rodney Smith)

Met Exclusive: Interview with Rodney Smith (Part 2 of - My Modern Metropolis

rodney smith.

Rodney Smith is a New York based fashion and portrait photographer. Smith primarily photographed with a Leica before he transitioned to a Hasselblad with a lens.

Retrato Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith (USA 1947 - ) - Fotografare in Digitale

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Rodney Smith. My game would improve if I dressed like this.

My game would improve if I dressed like this.