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15 Things You Can Do to Help Grieving People During the Holidays

15 Things You Can Do to Help Grieving People During the Holidays

A great and true synopsis of losing a child, from someone who has suffered such loss in her life.

Death does not care who it touches. Though it hurts now, you never truly "get over" your pain, you simply learn how manage it. I miss my dad.

Until The Heart Stops Beating And The Last Breath Is Taken.

Missing my son every day. That's the truth time doesn't heal this grief, this sorrow will never fade. Not till my heart stops beating, an if I am gloriously blessed I will join you in heaven my son, CLIFFTON. OMG SO TREMENDOUSLY MISSED CLIFFTON!

L - star quotes: Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know they are happy. - Eskimo legend 20 Funeral Quotes for A Loved One's Eulogy

I thought high school was bad but this truly is BAD. Does anyone have a shoulder? I can't find one :(

Life does go on for everyone around you. But your true friends don't abandon you in your corner of grief. Thank you, dear friends for helping me through my loss.

Newcastle in New South Wales

The truth is that it hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered. And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself - John Green ♊️