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Fractional Sloop is Best. Everyone knows that.

A ship type chart.which seems pretty useless until you read a century novel and they mention one of these! Nautical info good to know!


If you looked up into the sky last night, you may have witnessed an annular solar eclipse, when the moon does not completely block the sun, but leaves a fiery…




Pride of Baltimore II United States Class: B Sparred Length: Rig: Square-Topsail Schooner Draft: Beam: Hull: Wood

Winter Wonderland

Reminds me of the chapel in Schladming, Austria where I went to school. The Snow Church is the oldest structure in Yosemite Valley. It was designed by Charles Geddes, an accomplished church architect from San Francisco.

The fire flickered on the beach as the music grew loudly in the darkness. It was the first time Finn and Avery will meet.

campfire at waters edge, mountains in background at night, camping, Random Inspiration 144

Plymouth Rock - Massachusetts

Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts - where the Pilgrims landed in To me, the rock looked really small but the top (visible) one-third of Plymouth Rock weighs approximately 4 tons so I guess it's not so small after all.


RED TRAVEL: Burning Red Forest - Roskilde, Denmark would be a perfect hallway full length picture/painting with black doors.