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Grandco Temptation Slide Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Temptation Slide Sandals feature multi colored beading adorned with rhinestone jewels down center.

Grandco Rainbow Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Rainbow Thong Sandals features mult colored marble beading along straps adorned with rhinestone accents.

Grandco Twist Slide Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore #grandco #sandals #footwear

Grandco Twist Slide Sandals feature rubber footbed with twisted straps around top of foot.

Grandco Fantasy Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Fantasy Thong Sandals feature multi-colored jeweled and marble beading with silver or gold accents.

Grandco Womens Sunstone Wedge Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Womens Sunstone Wedge Thong Sandals feature marbled beading with gold/silver accents. Sandal has raised wedge heel. Comes in blue and green marbled beading, turquoise beading, or orange beading.

Grandco Sensation Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Sensation Thong Sandals feature multi-colored beading and jeweled rhinestones along straps.

Grandco Instep Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Instep Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Crystal Wedge Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Crystal Wedge Thong Sandals features silver beading with crystal rhinestone accents throughout.

Grandco Tropical Thong Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Tropical Thong Sandals feature pink, purple, green, and yellow jeweled rhinestone beads with silver accents.

Grandco Dimension Slide Sandals #hiddentreasuresdecorandmore

Grandco Dimension Slide Sandals feature gold or silver beading along straps with large square rhinestone beads through center.