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I did that without realizing what the end of the quote said when I started reading. Made me laugh.

Just think about how brave he must have been to commit his whole family, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents, grandchildren to death just to save the universe. I don't think I could ever be that brave or that selfless.

*cries* my Nine feels hurt! My Doctor feels in general hurt!

Just absolutely precious. Like I just want to carry you in my pocket levels of cute.

That's adorable. My mom is now starting to watch doctor who and she is addicted to sherlock

Doctor Who memes.

Why would you give him pie. Now he thinks he is superior to everyone.

Why do his elbows in this picture look so funny

Or your wife, who's also your best friend's daughter. Who is named after your best friend's best friend from high school. exactly - Um excuse me, who is named after your best friend's best friend from high school, who is actually your wife

I am betting I can get 16 repins, while another side is accepting saying I will only get 5. The winner (the one who is closest) gets food, sleep, and the internet to explore.

This is the background picture on my phone, and when my fiancee texts i hear the TARDIS materializing. I am a Whovian - JD

Haha. XD (this is what fandoms do when they get bored, once again, I must say, we are slowly turning into the sherlock fandom... lol)

the avengers are cool because the doctor says so. technically, the doctor could have created the avengers.