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That actually aren't smiling

Michael still had blonde hair when they made the amnesia lyric video♥♥

When you've seen the video over like 1,000,000,000,000,000 times

And message: for the most part, I'm past that fangirling phase that everyone goes through. To not fangirling?

Les dejo un Luke para que me perdonen


I have probably already pinned this multiple times but I can't go by this gif without pinning it every time Luke looks happy this makes me so happy

5SOS With their lady selves<<this is so cute!!!<< THE FACT THAT I LOOK LIKE THE ASH ONE AND I HAVE THE ATTITUDE OF THE CAL ONE JUST KILLS ME<< I love this!!! ☺️

with their ladies self's- I kinda look like Ashton's girl without the curly hair and a little bit of calum

Oh Luke what are we gonna do with you you talented potato

Luke<< One does not simply put Luke, Lucas maybe.but daw that face cx<< I want that picture of lucas on my wall