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Blue Cochin Standard Chicken

Order Day-Old Blue Cochin Standard Chickens from Cackle Hatchery - Hatching & Shipping Day-Old Baby Chicks All Over the US Since 1936

The Old Homestead Coop - BackYard Chickens Community-I would like to follow the plan on this one.

Large Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops - BackYard Chickens Community

Little Chicken House.

Best Backyard Chickens: Facts about Chickens, Best Chickens for Eggs, Raising Meat Chicken Breeds, What to Feed Chickens & Easy Chicken Coops to Build

This coop was designed by Alison Brookins and built by Alison and Brad Brookins. This x coop tall at the gable peak) is made of cedar, wire and a little plywood for the roosting

Australorp - Highly Recommended These are my favorites

Australorp Chickens: sweet temperament, great with other birds, very human friendly, beautiful and great, long-term layers.


The original Orpington, the Black, was developed in England in 1886 and brought to the US in.

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Polish chickens are a great combination of looks AND personality! Meyer Hatchery has these and other quality chicks available to ship nationwide.

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Chicken Breeds Ideal for Backyard Pets and Eggs

This hen is named Peep. She's an Australorp, the "national breed" of Australia. These popular additions to backyard flocks are known as egg-laying machines. They are said to lay eggs nearly year round

Lavender Australorp. Beaks-N-Bills Poultry's photo.

Our lovely Lavender Australorps! These are project birds created by crossing the prolific laying Black Australorp with the gorgeous Lavender Orpington!


[IMG] and here is my black australorp chick this yaer but don't know the age

YouTube tour of a frame /  A-frame chicken coop, chicken tractor

A tour of my A frame chicken coop / tractor for my backyard black australorps chickens. Just giving you a run down on the ins and outs of my coop design.

Order Day-Old Blue Cochin Standard Chickens from Cackle Hatchery - Hatching & Shipping Day-Old Baby Chicks All Over the US Since 1936

Australorps are the Australian version of Orpingtons. The pure breed is black in color with hints of green and purple under the right sunshine. Australorps are big pet chickens, good layers, and relatively tame too. So they made it to number 10 of the most popular pet chicken breeds in the world.  These are the 4 girls someone abandoned in front of our house in the road....after about 2 months they finally felt like they were part of our "little family" and get along well with everyone!!!!

Just a simple retexture, like Horses and Cats, adding different breeds of chickens. Such as: Barred Rock Black Australorp Brown Leghorn Bu.

~THE FEATHER FACTORY~ The Magic Chicken Coop100% FREE Plan Reveals .. Easy-To-Follow, Step by Step How to Build Your First

Do you want to start raising chickens or need to upgrade your chicken coop? Check out this list of creative chicken coop designs and ideas to inspire you.