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My bestfriend is Link while I'm Jeff. This sums up my life.

Jeff: BEN so help me I don't care if you're a kid I am done with your crap and I will disembowel you and give your kidneys to EJ if you don't get off of me.

not a fangirl, but I agree with this XD  <<< UMMM DUDE HOW ARE YOU NOT A FANGIRL XD | Creepypasta | Pinterest | I am, Girls and So true

BTW I don't know if anyone knows about this but I heard that due to the two girls who killed for slenderman there's an organization that's trying to ban everything Creepypasta we cannot let this happen help save us

Slenderman and Barney?!  So that's where he got his fashion sense!

This is too funny. Slenderman saying "True story" makes me LOL every time.how I met you mother and slender man