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hogwarts au the big four - Google Search-well.... Just my opinion, but I think Hiccup would be better in Ravenclaw.

Rise of the brave tangled dragons hogwarts. I think Hiccup should be the Ravenclaw, and Rapunzel the Hufflepuff.

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

Here's What The Young Supporting Cast Of "Harry Potter" Are Up To Now Magnitude. The name they were looking for was Magnitude (not Pop Pop)

HP + HIMYM = win

barney has no other advice to give. HIMYM and HP love it.

I thought this was going to be one of those nice sentimental Potter headcanons and then suddenly Fred and George.

Slinky Sunday, muggleborns consider calling Guinness Book of World Records for a while

Harry Potter is one of my favorite movies. I think it's so popular because it's beyond of people's regular imagination. The concept of the movie is new and fresh to people so many get curious about it and want to watch it more.

Some cool alternative Harry Potter book cover art! Silhouettes are always a good idea!~~~ also could be tattoo ideas! Pick your favorite book.

The Lights Phone Skin ($15)

Harry Potter Fans Will Freak Over These Phone Cases

I love my Harry Potter iPhone case.only a true fan would be able to tell

bellaception - Google Search

Simple math to explain Harry Potter is better than Edward Cullen and the entire Twilight series!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Oil Painting Style, 5 Panel Framed Canvas Art https://www.facebook.com/shorthaircutstyles/posts/1760247207599052

Harry Potter Hogwarts Oil Painting Style, 5 Panel Framed Canvas Art <<< isn't it from the lantern scene from tangled?