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Masha Slonim with Laska http://www.svoboda.org/content/article/27144780.html

Masha Slonim with Laska http://www.svoboda.org/content/article/27144780.html


How One STEM School Aims to Lower the Achievement Gap

An unlikely triumvirate — Yahoo, AOL and YouTube — is working with the Commission on Presidential Debates to launch “The Voice Of,” depots on each service for people to watch the debates live and exchange views.

Social media have big debate plans

its not only finning though. sharks, along with dolphins and whales are caught as bikill in giant fishing nets due to our unreasonable demand for eating fish. just by eating fish you are contributing to this

LOOK: Shocking Graphic Shows Just How Many Sharks Are Killed EVERY HOUR

People killed by sharks per year vs sharks killed by people per hour.

Sir Winston Churchill ~ Anyone with a care for either education or history will have been appalled by this week's latest manifestation of national dumbing down - the survey which showed that 25 per cent of British people believe that Sir Winston Churchill was a mythical figure rather than a real human being.

Winston Churchill's extraordinary relationship with the founding fathers of the Mail

Union of Concerned Scientists- great website with lots of info on food & agriculture, energy, etc

Union of Concerned Scientists: Eight Ways Monsanto Fails at Sustainable Agriculture