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Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Great Mullein Herb - Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Information the Health Benefits, Side Effects and Healing Properties of the Herb Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)and Its Uses for Various Health Issues

Summer Cocktails: Herbal Syrups, Bitters + Recipes ***amazing resource***

Summer Cocktails: Herbal Syrups, Bitters + Recipes

DIY Medicinal Syrups and Herbal Bitters for bringing a special something to cocktails and aperitifs (recipes included!

DoTerra DIY {Do-It-Yourself} - Sarah Titus ~ Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style

Top 50+ Essential Oils DIY Recipes {Do-It-Yourself

Top 50 DoTerra Essential Oils DIY {Do-It-Yourself} - Sarah Titus ~ Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style. So trying the Body Butter!


Swedish Bitters is a mixture of medicinal plants, which create a complex effect on the body and help normalize the functions of the digestive system.

Homemade Natural Mosquito Spray- keep them away, without the use of chemicals.

Homemade Natural Mosquito Spray

DIY bug spray idea : essential oils (citronella and lemongrass are musts, I also like lavender or you could use tea tree oil or geranium oil for tick protection), 14 oz. bottle of witch hazel

I love taking detox baths. So simple, but they make you feel wonderful! Also, this links to where you can order your own oil kit! #essentialoils

My House Smells Like A Spa! {and other goodies that smell good

A Green Witch is normally someone who pratices Naturecraft. Someone who works with the Earth and the Universe around them.     A Green Witch also works with the energies of natural objects like stones,gems,herbs,animals,and the elements.

Since ancient time women are using herbs and natural beauty care, to enhance their skin beauty. Even today, women are rediscovering herbs, minerals and herbal beauty tips to enhance the beauty and longevity of their skin. As a result today the.